K Lash PRO offers a range of Synthetic Silk, Faux Mink and Real Mink lashes that comes in 6 different curls type to suit different clients lash growth direction and allow ease in creating customized design.

A curl - The least curl among all others but the most natural looking. A curl resembles the slight curl of the natural eyelash where it starts off straight but ends with a slight curve at the tip. It is perfect for clients who wish to add a bit of volume and more lengths to the natural lash. Recommended for clients with naturally curved lashes and not suitable for clients with straight and droopy lashes as it can gives the appearance of droopy looking eyes.

A+ Curl-A+ curl starts straight but it has more curl coming towards the tip of the lash as compared to A curl. The results gives the impression that an eyelash curler was used on the natural lash. This curl is not recommended for clients with lashes that are straight and droopy.

B Curl - Considered a medium curled lash, B curl visually lifts the clients’ eyes without looking too dramatic. It has an ‘open eye’ effect without making your clients look overly dramatic or heavy. B curl is suitable for most eye shapes therefore it is one of the most commonly used eyelash.

B+ Curl - B+ curl is a popular among lash artists with its versatility in creating intense look with a little more drama than the B curl but not as dramatic as the C curl. It lifts the lash line and gives a good ‘open eye’ effect without looking too over the top. Retention is slightly lower as the glue attachment with natural lash is reduced.

C Curl - created to shape like the letter C, K Lash PRO’s C curl has a very obvious eye opening effect that is suitable for clients with downward pointing droopy lashes. This lash curl is not suitable for clients with deep set of hooded eyelids as lashes could potentially touch the lids.

C+ Curl - The curliest type of curl for clients who loves super dramatic look and wide open eyes effect. C+ curls are recommended for clients with slightly curled lashes for better lash retention and avoid clients with downward pointing droopy lashes as glue attachment is reduced significantly.