K Lash PRO Bloom Lash is a new revolutionary lash that allows lash artists to create volume fans in 1 second or less. The lash base are heat bonded such that the lashes fans automatically upon picking. Bloom Lash is ideal for lash artists working on classic lashes who wishes to transit to volume lashes. Highlights:

  • Easy Fanning in 1 second 
  • Suitable for Volume beginners who are transiting from Classic to Volume lashes
  • Achieve natural outcome with volume effects
  • Heat curled in sterilised environment to ensure lashes are heat and water resistance
  • Made with premium high grade PBT (PolyButylene Terephthalate) lash fibres from Korea.


K Lash PRO offers a range of Synthetic Silk, Faux Mink and Real Mink lashes that comes in 6 different curls type to suit different clients lash growth direction and allow ease in creating customized design.