K Lash PRO Filler Lash Lift Adhesive

K Lash PRO Lash Lift Adhesive (5ml) is a high-quality, clear, non-toxic lash lift glue for all of your client’s lash lift needs. It is used to adhere lash lift pads onto eyelid skin as well as hold natural lashes onto the pads during the lash lifting process. For professional use only. Highlights:

  • Ideal for lash lifting
  • High-quality adhesive
  • Retention at 8-12 weeks
  • Work best in 18-21 degree Celsius
  • Free from formaldehyde and latex


K Lash PRO offers a range of Synthetic Silk, Faux Mink and Real Mink lashes that comes in 6 different curls type to suit different clients lash growth direction and allow ease in creating customized design.