Diamond Silk 0.15

K Lash PRO Signature Diamond Silk Lashes are designed to be more lightweight and natural looking than conventional synthetic lashes. These Individual lashes are made from 100% high quality PBT (PolyButylene Terephthalate) lash fibres that are durable and has good resistance to extreme temperature. Diamond Silk Lashes are high gloss curled and tapered to pefection such that it gives clients a soft and natural look. Definitely a must have if you are new to the lash scene or even if you are already a lash expert, these silk lashes will definitely make your clients come back for more. Each lash tray contains 16 rows of Diamond Silk lashes which is equivalent to around 4000-4500 individual lash strands. Highlights:

  • High gloss which helps in maintaining lash design shape
  • Good resistance to heat
  • Darker black than most regular lashes
  • Tapered to a natural fine tip finishing that resembles real human lash
  • Easy to handle
  • Available in various thickness, lengths and curls


K Lash PRO offers a range of Synthetic Silk, Faux Mink and Real Mink lashes that comes in 6 different curls type to suit different clients lash growth direction and allow ease in creating customized design.