K LASH PRO Filler Lash Lift Kit

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K LASH PRO Filler Lash Lift Kit is a high-performance lifting product designed for lash professionals. Using keratin-based ingredients with multiple lash-loving nutrients, your lashes not only appear lifted and darker, it is also strengthened and thickened! 

- Long life span of 6-8 weeks
- Natural Keratin based ingredients
- Naturally curled & lifted lashes
- Free from formaldehyde and latex
- Made in Korea

- 10 Sachets of Lifting Lotion
- 10 Sachets of Setting Lotion
- 10 Sachets of Filler Lotion
- Silicon Pads (Size S, M, L)
- Lash Lift Adhesives


K Lash PRO offers a range of Synthetic Silk, Faux Mink and Real Mink lashes that comes in 6 different curls type to suit different clients lash growth direction and allow ease in creating customized design.